Syracuse Challenger Baseball is the oldest and largest baseball league for adults and children with disabilities in the world. Players from across Central New York have the opportunity to create friendships around the team sport of baseball. Watching a Syracuse Challenger Baseball game is a magical experience where all worries melt away and the joy of being part of a team fills the air. New parents get in on conversations about parenting, schools, and what they are feeding their kids for dinner. All this happens while laughter and cheering ring out from the fun happening on the fields.

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The season June through July. For our junior and adult leagues, the teams play for fun. There is no score during the games. Plus strikes, walks, and outs are not counted. The game lets every player get to bat and make a hit. When everyone has batted, the next team has a turn at the plate. Parents, coaches, family members, and friends are all encouraged to assist with batting, fielding, running, and throwing as necessary. The league prides itself on good sportsmanship and cheering every player as they do their best. The senior league plays at a higher skill level where players play the field and are ready to chase line drives or even home runs.

The Syracuse Challenger league was started in the 1980s by parents in Eastwood and because of their commitment and the vision of those that have managed the league since then, the league has grown to become the largest Challenger League in the US with close to 300 children and adults. Syracuse is proud that parents, volunteers, and local businesses have continued to support our league and make it a model for other cities around the country.

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